Our finest collection of sparkling beverages, masterfully crafted with premium ingredients sourced from around the globe.

Classic flavours with a subtle yet intriguing twist, crafted for your curious side.

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235 Years of Schweppervescence

Jacob Schweppe was first to bring sparkling beverages to the world in 1783, setting in motion a beverage revolution that far surpassed his wildest dreams. His legacy of passion, innovation, craft, quality and real ingredients lives on to this day at Schweppes.

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Schweppes have been creating the world’s finest mixers since 1783. With over 235 years of expertise, we’ve curated a bespoke collection of cocktails across a variety of tastes and styles. Welcome to the home of Mixology.

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Our story began over 235 years ago when Jacob Schweppe brought ‘Schweppervescence’ to life. He was the first in the world to perfect the art of capturing and bottling bubbles (the process of carbonation) and founded Schweppes in Geneva, Switzerland.

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