April 1, 2019

Our founder Jacob Schweppe created the world’s first sparkling beverage brand in 1783.

Inspired by his obsession for craft, quality and the finest ingredients, we’ve re-imagined our classic flavours for the modern palate.

With two distinct collections encompassing seven new products, Schweppes Signature Series Mixers and Schweppes Signature Soft Drinks are the next generation of our range of sparkling beverages. Each blend has been carefully crafted using premium ingredients sourced from around the globe to deliver a subtle yet intriguing twist.

Schweppes Signature Series Mixers have been masterfully crafted in collaboration with some of Australia’s most coveted mixologists, alongside Schweppes’ Master Blenders. Made with ingredients such as Italian Lemon, Indian Chilli and Colorado Mountain Salts, each batch is made using time-honoured processes, with products such as Bright Tonic and Dry Ginger taking up to 12 months to blend.  The range includes Bright Tonic with extract of Javanese Cinchona Bark, Dry Ginger with extract of Indian Chilli, Soda Water with Colorado Mountain Salts and Lemonade with essence of Italian Lemon.

Schweppes Signature Soft Drinks are based on Schweppes’ classic recipes, taking inspiration from the world’s most exotic locations, home to some of the finest ingredients available.  Meticulously crafted by Schweppes’ Master Blenders, the range includes Raspberry with a twist of Brazilian Orange Essence, Mexican Lime with a spritz of Cucumber Essence and Ginger Beer with a touch of Mexican Lime Essence. With well-loved flavours blended with natural essences, Schweppes Signature Soft Drinks are familiar to the palate with a subtle, yet intriguing twist.

Schweppes Signature Series Mixers are available at selected bars, licensed venues and Dan Murphy’s stores nationally, whilst Schweppes Signature Soft Drinks can be found in cafes, food outlets, convenience stores and grocery outlets around the country.