About Us

Our story began in 1783 when Jacob Schweppe brought ‘Schweppervescence’ to life. He perfected the way of capturing and bottling bubbles (the process of carbonation) – and founded Schweppes in Geneva. The company eventually expanded into England and his sparkling soda waters were endorsed by leading doctors and sold as a treatment for a variety of ailments. It was described as “a safe and cooling drink for persons exhausted by much speaking, heated by dancing or crowded assemblies”.

In 1798, Jacob retired and sold most of his interest in the company to three men. In exchange, he revealed to the partners ‘the whole art, mystery and process of making and composing artificial mineral waters’. Schweppes continued Jacob’s tradition of innovation and in 1835 introduced Schweppes Lemonade, which led to many other sparkling drinks being created.

During the 1870s, our famous Schweppes Indian Water and Ginger Ale were added to the range and the company continued to expand geographically with bottling sites opening around the world.

In 1877, the Schweppes brand arrived in Australia with the first factory built in Sydney. Schweppes products available in the Australian market are still all produced locally to this day.

Today, Schweppes continues to create quality sparkling beverages, with recipes masterfully crafted with over 235 years of expertise.